The Residence

Distinguished guests and speakers, film screenings and discussions, team-work, lectures, national and international networks of residential colleges, tutoring, community service, excursions and sharing day-to-day life: daily life in Celimontano truly makes a difference in supporting a well-rounded university career.

Living at Celimontano is a smart choice for those who desire to widen their horizons and deeply invest in their personal growth and education. A warm family atmosphere providing invaluable formation of cultural and personal growth make Celimontano a place for highly motivated students to achieve excellence.

The student residence Celimontano has been recently inaugurated. It is able to accomodate 70 female students and offers a wide variety of services.
The building features several designated study areas, a multimedia room, a conference hall, a library, a dining room, a living room, and a gym.

Celimontano offers high quality services to the residents: Single rooms equipped with air conditioning and central heating, three meals a day which include breakfast, lunch/packed lunch, and dinner, a computer lab with wireless connection,Cleaning service.